Below is our list of places to donate to our work. Your donation, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated because it shows us that you appreciate us and our work, and it provides us with an extra bit of motivation to keep moving forward.

In order to reduce our workload of comment moderation, you will need to have donated at least $12 worth of cryptocurrency/year or signed up to support us with SubscribeStar*  in order to comment on our Blog posts. Since you will need to be manually added to our site, please allow 24 hours before contacting us. If you’ve donated cryptocurrency, inform us via the Contact Us page so we know to activate your account.

If you can’t afford a monetary contribution, we understand this, and would ask that you contribute to the cause by subscribing to our channels, liking our posts and videos, and sharing our materials wherever you feel so inclined. Thank you.



(Note: SubscribeStar has put us on hold until we’ve grown our audience, so cryptocurrency is our only option until our audience is large enough…)


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Our Social Media Channels

I will provide links to all of our social media channels here, so please follow us at all of those sites if you have accounts there. Note that this project was newly born in March 2021, so we are currently just getting started.

At this time, we believe that our best bets on alternative media sites will be Odysee and BitChute and perhaps Minds, but we’ll attempt to keep up on the other sites as is possible, and who knows what the future will unveil.