Our mission is to spread the voice of truth as far and wide as we possibly can – and to include a generous sprinkling of lightness and humor and beauty in the process. The truth of today can expose extremely disturbing information, so we’ve found that maintaining a sense of humor and gratitude for the world in this process is helpful in maintaining a sense of balance.

We have spent thousands of hours since 2010 in the effort of educating ourselves on our actual reality, and through that effort, curated a group of the most excellent sources of truthful reporting and information gathering available on the planet. We consider ourselves experts at collecting highly intelligent, brave and honest individuals that have come forth in an effort to help us all in our time of greatest need.

One of the first things we discovered many years ago is how much misinformation and disinformation is out there, and how tricky it can be to discern truth from ignorance, outright lies, and deception.

Whether you love Trump or hate him (we fall in neither camp), we think he helped expose the “news” to so often actually be “fake news”. He’s made our job notably easier than it was before 2016.

Our bottom line vow to you is that we will work diligently to bring you the most important, truthful, timely, funny and beautiful “noise” from around the world. We greatly appreciate your support in this effort.



Winston Smith

Truth to The People

Winston Smith from George Orwell’s 1984

I have been significantly engaged in the search for truth about our world since about 2010. Disability allowed me the necessary time for this activity since I was no longer working a regular job.

The “paranormal“, which to me simply means things we can’t yet explain, has fascinated me since I was quite young. I’ve been witness to a few such experiences over the years.

UFO’s and Aliens. It is clear to me that UFO’s and Aliens are real. I don’t know exactly what they are, why they’re here, where they come from, and have countless other unanswered questions. My favorite person covering this subject for many years, a person that I highly recommend, is Richard Dolan. Beware the people who claim to have all the answers – about anything.

Knowing through my own experience the truth of these taboo phenomenon which are denied existence/reality by “science” and authorities, this is what initially sent me down the proverbial rabbit hole.

While poking around those areas of interest I bumped into 9/11 research. The mainstream official narrative is full of more holes than the mountains of Afghanistan. It was absolutely an “inside job”.

The 9/11 research led me to additional research and discovery about Vaccines, Waco, Oklahoma City Bombing, JFK and many, many other subjects, continuously pointing me towards the realization that much of what I was taught growing up, including by those around me that loved me, was just plain false. “Nothing is as it seems” became my new stance in approaching the world with a “question everything” mentality.

While we all have our own beliefs and theories on what’s true, my internal guidance system keeps nudging me toward the truth, however uncomfortable that may be – even if it throws previously cherished beliefs or theories under the bus. As the working principal of a compass is magnetic north, “the truth” as best I can uncover it, is my internal compass’ magnetic north.

I am a highly sensitive person with health issues, so I’m not properly situated to be on the front lines like the brave people that I showcase. As such, in order to give myself the best shot at longevity with this effort, I’ve decided to proceed anonymously as is possible. Thus “Winston Smith”.

The Stars

A Team You Can Rely On


My desire is do my part in helping strengthen and further spread the message of truth from the most excellent alternative news creators, meme makers, brave professionals and others with their brilliant takes of the day. These trailblazers and brave outspoken individuals are the real stars of our productions.

I have created a list of a few of the individuals that have made the most impact on our lives. This list is not permanent as things do change. It is critically important as a part of our search for truth to remain vigilant in continually assessing the honesty and factual basis of those we follow.

There is much controversy regarding the QAnon phenomenon. I will acknowledge that QAnon has helped a lot of folks realize the truth about things they didn’t realize before, and that’s a good thing. However, as useful or helpful as it may have been, I will never be a follower because I reject the foundation of this movement. It is not based in solid, verifiable facts. There are some facts to be sure, but those facts come along with a whole lot of unverifiable claims of future actions garnered from mysterious anonymous “inside sources”. I don’t trust anonymous inside sources from the New York Times, QAnon or anyone else unless I personally know that source, and even then…

It is very important to realize, to paraphrase Caitlin Johnstone: we will sometimes disagree and that’s okay. How many people have you seriously engaged with for a significant amount of time and not disagreed with? It’s almost an impossibility.

With “we will sometimes disagree” in mind, there are those that I follow, and will likely present in my productions, who I disagree with substantially on major issues.

I follow people who I personally believe are telling the truth as best they know the truth to be. In other words, I follow people that I trust to be honest.


Our Social Media Presence

Social media is very tricky for people attempting to actually tell the truth because of current day censorship efforts and tactics. We have created accounts on the major mainstream sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube because this is where most people are found.

Our plan is to try to be careful enough on these mainstream sites to keep our presence there in an attempt to not only inform, but to gain followers who will follow us on the anti-censorship alternative media sites.

I will provide links to all of our social media channels here, so please follow us at all of those sites if you have accounts there. Note that this project was newly born in March 2021, so we are currently just getting started.

At this time, we believe that our best bets on alternative media sites will be Odysee and BitChute, but we’ll attempt to keep up on the other sites as is possible, and who knows what the future will unveil.




A Few of Our Current Stars

To be very clear, these creators, for the most part, know nothing about me or this website at the time of this writing. I receive no benefit from them for listing them here. I provide this list in hopes of helping viewers of this page see just a few of the creators that I regularly follow. Here are my Twitter follows and YouTube follows, but keep in mind that I also follow some of the opposition as well.

If you wish to be removed from our list below and/or our videos, for whatever reason, please Contact Us. We’re here to promote and encourage our favorite creators. The last thing we want is to cause any issues or bad feelings with those that we respect and admire.