We are at war: a war for, and on, your mind – and by extension, your body and spirit. We want to do our part to help the people of this world, all people of this world, understand this disturbing fact of our current day existence so that our generation and future generations have an actual fighting chance against those who are actively working to take away our hard-earned freedoms and cherished ways of living.

We are dedicated to providing you with the antidote to today’s mainstream fake news media and globalist government propaganda. In other words, we are here to provide truth, from highly respected sources, who provide actual, verifiable evidences of truth.

Our mission is to spread these voices of truth as far and wide as we possibly can – and to include a generous sprinkling of lightness and humor and beauty in the process. The truth of today can expose us to extremely disturbing information, so we’ve found that maintaining a sense of humor and gratitude for our world in this process is helpful in maintaining a sense of balance.

We accomplish this mission by showcasing and highlighting many of the world’s true heroes of our day. Journalists, comedians, psychologists, doctors, lawyers, talk show hosts, and others with powerful messages worth spreading for the benefit of us all.

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Our Social Media Channels

I will provide links to all of our social media channels here, so please follow us at all of those sites if you have accounts there. Note that this project was newly born in March 2021, so we are currently just getting started.

At this time, we believe that our best bets on alternative media sites will be Odysee and BitChute, but we’ll attempt to keep up on the other sites as is possible, and who knows what the future will unveil.