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This is our second published video. You can find the video at the following locations:





Music by sscheidl from Pixabay


1)  Simpson Meme: We got it from Benny Wills


2) Bill O’Reilly on BLM:


3) Racist Author & Charles Barkley – from Ed at The Outer Light


4) Leftists Racism Original Meme: We got it from Benny Wills


5) Unvaccinated Volcano Victims Left to Die: CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell
                                                                                Sky News Story


6)  Today marks the 73rd anniversary of the Deir Yassin Life Story 

7)  Babylon Bee “6 Minutes” Meme 

8)  Suspicious Observers Eye Candy


9)  Jimmy Dore Russia Hysteria Part 1 


10) Military Industrial Complex 2-headed Snake from The Free Thought Project


11) We Will Bomb The Middle East – But With Diversity (Bomb Back Better) Meme : We got it from Benny Wills

       (We added the “Bomb Back Better” part)


12) Trump Derangement Syndrome Explained | Gad Saad & Zuby


13) Epstein Reminder & Ghislaine Case Hiding “too sensitive” material by We Are Change


14) Judge Rules Some Ghislaine Maxwell Details Too Sensational – from ZeroHedge


15) Jimmy Dore Russia Hysteria Part 2


Show Notes & References:


This is our first published video. You can find the video at the following locations.




Music by TimMoor from Pixabay


1) Why Did U.S. Border Protection Delete This Press Release About Apprehending Terrorists?


2) Trump’s voice banned from Facebook


3) Meme: What if all my systems are nervous


4) Biden Laptop Interview


5) Bike Attack


6) Jordan B Peterson SLAMMED By Marvel Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates As Red Skull In New Comic!


7) Memes: They Put That Shit on Everything & This is what it would look like if the government was actually transparent


8) Broc West Interview


9) Meme: Pizza delivery cat


10) Meme: Cat says it’s dinner time


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